From Nonsense to Grandeur is a trilogy of short films about pop artist and lost prophet Thor. The series moves backwards in time, tracing Thor’s trajectory. From Nonsense to Grandeur explores human spiritual search and the soul’s tendency towards seduction and corruption.
A More Robust Sense of Identity (2014, 16:9, 17 min)
was shot on location in the Atacama desert in Chile
(the driest place in the world), at an altitude of
4500-5300 metres. The film follows Thor searching the vast,
arid space for thin air, unfiltered sunlight, absorbing darkness
and closeness to heaven. Includes a variation on Sermon on
the Mount. Preview here:
The third film of the trilogy will focus on Thor’s life in the times before An Emotional Sherpa. The film is scheduled to be finished for a solo exhibition at Nordnorsk kunstnersenter (North Norway Arts Centre) in Sept 2016.